Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you sell new Lotus parts?

We sell only original equipment Genuine Lotus parts, most are new, some like starters, or alternators are remanufactured and sold by Lotus and usually say "reman" in the description or have a "core charge".


What if I just need price and availability of a part?

Just enter a valid Lotus part number in the space provided on our home page. If you cannot find the part number you need please email us through customer service with the make, model, year, VIN and a good description of the parts you need. There is a link to customer service at the top of our homepage, just simply click "Customer Service".


Is there a phone number to call and place an order?

To keep our prices as low as possible WE DO NOT CORRESPOND BY PHONE or offer phone ordering services. All correspondence through our firm is by email only so we can document all transactions and conversations. Please note all correspondence is required by email for accurate records and future training purposes. We strive to operate a secure customer friendly web site. We do not process orders in any manner other than our verification procedure on our website. We are serviced through a secure server and will not jeopardize our or your transaction history.


Why do you need my VIN number? Or picture of the part?

In most all cases the VIN number is used to tell what options, colors, and special packages that came on your automobile specifically. We determine the correct part based on the options the vehicle came with. Pictures of the item may be requested as in some cases, Lotus will not show a special package in the VIN and a picture of the item may be required to ensure the correct item is purchased.


Does take check or debit cards?

Our secure order page will only accept US issued MasterCard or Visa credit cards and or Visa and Mastercard Debit cards. We do not accept personal checks, but we do offer the payment method of money order or cashiers check. We do not accept pre-paid Visa or MasterCard, as they do not have a billing address to verify.


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