Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain my tracking number, order status or what I have ordered in the past.

You can obtain the tracking number, the status of your order or order history by logging into our website using either your customer email address or customer number and password at the log in option on the left side of our homepage. Then in the upper left side of our homepage in our banner click on "your account". Once your order has shipped the status will indicated "SHIPPED" and by which carrier. You will also receive several emails including an invoice notifying you of shipment.


What does the red X beside the part number in my shopping cart mean?

The red X is allows you to delete that one part number from your shopping cart.


What if the part I buy is defective?

Lotus parts can be warranted through any Lotus dealer nationwide. You will need a copy of your receipt, the VIN number of the car the part was on, and the cars mileage with you so you can get your part warranted. You will also need the defective part with the original container. In most all cases the dealer will need to diagnose the defective part on the vehicle. does not manufacture or warrant any sold merchandise


Can you provide the history of my car or truck?

No, does not have access to vehicle history. There are several web sites available such as that have useful information about vehicle history.


Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We do ship outside the U.S.A. All international shipments must be paid via cashier check or money order. We do not accept international credit cards.


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