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Part #: 99051-100 .
Pack Quantity: 1
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List Price: $656.25
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This is a direct fit radiator for all MK1 Elise, MK2 Elise, MK1 Exige, MK2 Exige, 340R and cars with or without air conditioning. The stock radiator has a 1 row core that is 1.25" thick (1.5" thick on the VX220 Turbo). The core on this new performance radiator is 2.25" thick. This unit is TIG welded (Not MIG), and there is NO epoxy on this radiator. 100% made in the USA Doing the install on this radiator is more time consuming than doing an install of a factory replacement radiator. Keep in mind that this radiator is 3/4" thicker than the stock radiator. This radiator is the largest most efficient radiator on the market for this application. Due to the this additional thickness you should be aware that you may need to temporarily disconnect the A/C line and/or the oil cooler lines in order to install this radiator. If you do not need the additional cooling of this radiator, or are unwilling to tackle the install you should consider our thinner version. The thinner version have a core that is more efficient than the stock radiator and does not require the temporary disconnect of the A/C and oil cooler lines.